Why I visit some sites

The internet is like a maze. It holds so much and everyone has some key that opens up a portal they ask for and when they ask for it. In writing there is one thing known as curiosity that is like the flame that can keep you going. The thirst for knowledge  can help you spin a good story. My Mentor says that it’s being empty every time and always opening up to enhancing what you know and how to use it.

Aside from checking for updates or notifications on social networking sites, there are some sites that I often visit to read on what other people are writing, get their flow of writing, argue or agree with the opinions expressed…and sometimes just to know that I’m not the only one who thinks of stuff.

Some of the sites that I regularly visit:

  • Medium: There’s something about Coffeelicious.
  • Freebooksy:For the love of free e-books
  • Writing Career: Talk of listings for any competitions, jobs and grants for Writers and this guy posts it.
  • Art of Manliness: Now, if  only the men I knew could learn a thing or two about say ties, chivalry, history and just find the base where they can have an imaginary beer with someone else.
  • Brain Pickings: Great articles, will definitely have you thinking.
  • Jumia: This is for checking out items that I could buy online, I mostly check out the phones and tablets and apparently ovens.
  • Africa Portal: If you want in-depth news about issues affecting Africans, developments and critical analysis of these things, this is your portal.

What are some of the sites that you regularly visit?

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