Break the rules, live a little

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

-Oscar Wilde

Have you ever crossed a line? Not the white chalk on the sidewalk, or the crime scene tapes, but the lines you had set in your mind. These strong boundaries that haunt you when you close your eyes or when you see someone across the street and you cross the road.

Have you?

Well, you should try it sometime, like telling your neighbor’s girl that he has girls visiting every Wednesday at 3pm. Or kissing your friend when you had clearly locked them up in the friend zone cage. Better yet, you can tweet that your boss is the devil and hope he never reads it. Those are my examples when Grace called to ask me why I am such an angel. Her words not mine.

What is it about rules that bring out the law breakers in people? Why are they even there to being with? Order. Minimize chaos. Get enforcers. Rewards.
I could spin that list following the whole reinforcement and punishment angle of behavioural psychology but you didn’t come here for a pep talk. You came here for creativity. For that burst of genius of wordplay. To be transported to a world like no other, and I’m sorry to disappoint, none of that juice is flowing through me today.
So, I set aside my writing material and started spewing words on my keyboard, just like this, to see where it would take me.

And I believe it’s taken me to this point, where I acknowledge that not every blog post will be planned and awesome. Sometimes, going off the road might lead me to moments like these where I don’t really know where I’m going with my words but all I know is I’m on a roll.

So, have a lovely day! Break a rule you set or two, or all of them and tell me all about it!

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