A week of sorts

I have had a relaxed week and what’s better than reading a book and being transformed by the characters? So, here are four books that kept me company and here’s why:
1. Summer at Shell Cottage had secrets that all came to the shore by the sea.
2. The Last Summer introduced me to Clarissa and Tom who love each other but are kept apart first by their social status and second by the First World War. It also reminded me of Daisy and Gatsby.
3. Stand by Me showed me the strength of a woman called Domino, beautiful, bold and above all one who falls apart with a smile on her face.
4. A long way down, phew! What a way to write about suicide! This book had me walking on egg shells and laughing at the witty remarks made by the characters. And it had me at Maureen’s statement:

You know that things aren’t going well for you when you can’t even tell people the simplest facts about your life, just because they’ll presume you’re asking them to feel sorry for you.


Now I would have to get working on my current project titled “40 Days” which takes me back to a genre I enjoy reading and writing. Romance. You’ll know more about the story in a few weeks or shall we say the end of Summer? Maybe, I just got through the first chapter and I’m hopeful it’d not cause me grief!


So,what is it about these four books? Truth is I enjoyed reading them, and there was something about the style and flow that I picked up which would improve my writing like having strong heroines and including elements of surprise that could throw the lead off course and working on how to get them back on it.


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