The girl with brown eyes

Rich cocoa beans splayed out in the sun to dry
The bitter taste of cocoa yet to be refined
No, something between the glow of her skin and her lips
She’s the girl.

Be careful will you?
She’s not supposed to see us checking her out,
Hold on,will you?
There…she’s turning around,
Didn’t I tell you?

Okay, she may not be that fly,
But, her eyes draw you in,
They call you out of your prejudice
They refine your stance
They summon the beast in you
You don’t know what it’s like.

You have no idea of what it means to drown
At a glance
Dreaming of a dance
Waiting for a chance.
You have no idea,
So, I’ll stay here
Until you see her.

The girl with brown eyes.

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