There are two kinds of people in this world; those who are drawn to love and those to whom love is an echo. I’m Marjorie. I could tell you that I am Beth but that would be giving away too much too soon.

When you are responsible for how the world sees your employers, you get no sleep, bonus cheques, constant calls and no privacy. It was no surprise when the CEO sent me an email at 3A.M. that I had forty days to organize some corporate social responsibility event that touched peoples lives. His words.

I walked into the office the next morning aware that a formal report was needed by noon on that email. The CEO was not one to be denied anything. He was like my two year old niece who jumped, screamed, rolled over and cried until she got that Big Daddy lollipop that you had not budgeted for. The difference was he was clad in expensive suits and shoes. All he did was point to the door, pick up his gold handset phone and tell the HR to clear your desk and find a replacement in under 24 hours. I thought the hospitality industry had the highest turnover, well, here, we work in shifts. Your time is up when the one who writes your cheques feels like cutting you loose.

It was this pressure that led me to Jeremy. I was going through my Facebook posts when I came across his page The LightKeepers. I scrolled down reading the posts and the activities they engaged in towards the benefit of children in poor families. I took down his contact information and rushed to the accounts department to figure out how much was set aside for this new venture that the CEO had in mind. The accounts manager, Evans,  was not there. Always in a blue tie and shoes that could pay my rent. I asked the other guys when he would be around but my request was not sufficient enough to get their attention off their screens and excel sheets.

I decided to call Jeremy instead and introduce myself and my agenda. He sounded very warm if not flirtatious but even so, I had enough to present at the meeting and secure my stay for another forty days. According to Jeremy, he was looking more for impact on interaction. I had a meeting.


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