Jeremy scheduled a meeting after lunch. I asked him to meet with me at Java for an introduction and his response was a swift ‘okay,’ and then ending the call I’d made.

It was no surprise that he was not there when I arrived at Java. So, I walked into WoolWorths to feast my eyes on their latest collection and jewelry that I yearned for in my dreams. He joined me later on, a tall, slightly built dark man in need of both a scrub and shave. I kept my eyes on the aquamarine earrings on display whispering my desire to steal them.

“You know what they say about a thief right? Well, each thief has forty days and when their time is up they are caught. I would be careful with what I steal Marjorie because the truth is, your punishment will depend on what you’ve been caught stealing.”

“I am not a thief, but you have to admit that those earrings are beautiful. Like have you ever seen something in Woolworths that you wished you could buy, but after tax, your rent, food, shoes and money to the parents, you could not afford it?”

“I’m a guy. We buy expensive things all the time, like you can get shoes at a hundred bob, well; I cannot even get good bathroom slippers at that price!”

“Bata has those blue and red slippers that guesthouses remodel so you cannot steal them, like seriously why do they always cut a v shape at the tip making them look like fish motifs? Who would want to steal cheap ugly bathroom slippers and leave the cussons soap?”

“I recall you stating that you were not a thief.”

“I recall history and womenfolk believing that men don’t listen.”

“I am not going to win this, am I?”


“Okay, so what are you doing this Friday?”

“I will be at work from eight in the morning to five in the evening. Why do you ask?”

“Would you have coffee with me then at say six after work?”


“Yes, with me.”


“Right here.”

“Java, okay, but how about we have something to drink now so I can drown my sorrows for not having enough money to get those earrings?”

“I have to get back to the office, but I promise that we can talk more about your sorrows on Friday, raincheck?”

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