There are some things a girl can take. However, there is nothing a woman should take, especially being unappreciated. So, when Martin decided to squeeze into my spotlight at the meeting by stating that he was the brains behind The LightKeepers venture I had to tell him off. 

You could have called it unprofessional of me to do that before the board but I’ve had it with his constant need to glow without burning up. 

Candles have to melt to keep the light on. 

This man did not put in the effort but he couldn’t stop basking in the glory. It did not surprise me when the CEO summoned us to his office immediately after and started talking about a balanced diet.”You cannot eat one food group and leave the other on your plate. Something is wrong here and you two should work it out before the next meeting if you love your job. Martin, what is the name of this man we are working with and why is he doing what he works on?”

“Jeremiah. He loves children Sir.”

“What did he say about our proposal?”

“He loved it and made some suggestions that we will need to include to see this project through.He’s on board Sir.”

“Martin, if I call this man now, will he tell me what you are saying and will he also attest to having met with you?”


“I am not a fool Martin and you had better revise your job description because it can be filled by Marjorie. And you, do not think that you are better than anyone here, you were hired and you can be fired. This project is coming off pocket change for me. Know your limits Marjorie, go back to work Martin and she will stay on this project,work on the Khaminwa case with Lillian and give me a report in an hour.”

The CEO turned his attention to me once Martin had left the room. He was twirling his black pen in between his fingers and tapping on the desk with his right hand. His temper had a shorter leash than his favor. Since when had Jeremy become Jeremiah? What waa that about? I was still reeling from Martin’s superiority complex syndrome when the boss let out a shaky laugh.”This is my company. You can take the lead when you have your own company. I need positive updates at the end of every working day Marjorie. And before you step up always be sure of your ability to remain standing. You may leave.”

“Thank you Sir.” The boss tilted his head to the side his eyes fixed on me,but after a while he nodded and waved me out as always.

Walking out of that office felt like taking a cool shower after a jog. I stopped by Lillian’s office to pick a folder with an updated proposal and walked to my office at the corner. I pushed the door open.

Martin was sitting behind my desk.

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