“Ndovu wawili wakipigana nyasi basi ni lazma zihamishwe! So, what has baba watoto done this time because it’s all over the office and you know people here love gossip. So, tell me Marjorie what happened?”

Nicole perched herself in her new red dress on my desk revealing legs I wished I had back when a few whispers from men mattered. It was eleven o’clock. Francis promised he would call me by noon with updates on Dad’s condition. The doctor had insisted that he stay in the hospital until he’d regained his strength. Francis believed in God so much that his presence beside my Father felt like impending judgment. I blew the whistle, pulled out yellow cards and red cards. Sometimes I waited to see one of them tap out in order to keep the balance and maintain the little sanity I had left. Nicole storming into my office with the perfect dress, round firm buttocks, great legs and shoes was my cue to get maramoja. Pain relief for never ending headaches.

“Marjorie why are you like that? Don’t I share my drama with you? Tell me what happened.”

“Will you resolve the matter?”

“I don’t know but you know a problem shared is half solved. Ni kama avocado unaweza kula vile unataka but ni poa ukiikata katikati, so Martin alifanya nini this time? Nasikia boss alijam! Amepewa ka project kengine hataki.”

“He was simply being Martin and I was being Marjorie. We started arguing mbele ya boss and he called us into his office to resolve the matter.”

“I see, but why is he doing your job? You are the one who was given this project, so what is it with him? Wait, what if…no, this is too awkward to be shared here, but I will ask you, do you like him?”

“Like him? He is always on my case trying me make me look bad! What’s there to like?”

“I mean, as in like him enough to date him?”

“Work and pleasure? No thanks. Do you like him? You can date him if you want to, I do not think he would mind.”

“Eish! Kwani wanaume wameisha Kenya hii ndio niambiwe offer valid until stock lasts? I was just saying that maybe he likes you and forget the stuff you hear around. He is single and very romantic or so some people say, but ni sawa, are we going to BoBos for lunch? They are having Juicy Thursday today. I need a free drink like that!”

“Sure, I will pitia you we go.”

“Okay, let me load my professional demeanor nikitoka hapa kwako. If I’m heard speaking Sheng’ itakuwa ati siku hizi we lack professionalism. I sold my freedom of expression for a paycheck! Weh,baadaye!”

“Bye and thanks for checking up on me.”

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