What do you mean by that Nicole?”

“What do you think? Martin has always been the bump in your highway. You cannot drive at a hundred kilometers when the bumps appear from nowhere. Okay, if you drove you would get my logic.”

“So, now I am flawed? What is wrong with you woman? Why do you support him? Is there something I am missing because you are always coming to his defense?”

“I just wish there was more about Telemundo in our office, that place iko na drama,wah! Kwanza did you hear about what happened upstairs?”

“Where? I am upstairs too, can you be more specific?”

“Marjorie, you are the one who knows how to relate to the public, now why should I enlighten you about people in our so called office, and listen, before you call me a gossip,ati oh, drama queen ati mama muchene, just listen because it might help you.”

“Are you really going to finish that soda?”

“Kwani what do you take me for? Si ikibaki nabeba nikienda nayo home! Wacha kumezea soda yangu mate, plans zako zinyamazie!

“So, what were you saying about my public relations skills?”

“Listen, I will do my research and tell you all about it. Do not stomp on Martin’s foot,maisha ni hard. Maybe he just has complex issues. Between you and I, tunajua kichwa yako ni ngumu kama ya mbuzi, pardon my French!”

“Why are we even friends?”

“Hata mimi sijui, but you are one crazy woman. You are stubborn. Pass me that pepper, sauce yangu imedry. Wacha kuniangalia hivyo madam PR!”

Once the bowl of pepper was in her hand, she dipped her index finger in and made a clean sweep of the paste. Her words clouded my mind. What if there was more to my situation with Martin? How many complaints would I file to get him to stop? What would I gain? What would he lose and why did it matter? I looked around the room. Eyes. Hands. Tables. Voices. Thoughts. Needs. Mouths.

At the far end looking right at me was Martin.

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