Thoughts at Three

It is 3 A.M.

The sky is charcoal, glistening like the speacks of yellow and orange you see when you light the jiko. I heard that epic things happened at 4 A.M. Constitutions were written, babies made, drunkards sobered up,books were written, calls made and music composed.

I heard.

Oh, how I heard how evil prowls at 3 A.M by windows waiting to pounce on wicked children who refused to obey their parents. Sharon,the one from house number sixty three,not that house,the one with a dog that looks like a goat. Yes, that one! The blue house with no steel door. Aha! Now you get it, kwa akina mdomo pere! Yes, she comes home at 3 A.M and sleeps until 6 P.M then leaves at 8 P.M. She never completed her studies, but she returns when I’ve run out of sleep.

She knocks on her mother’s door just as I step out of my bed and set my eyes on the sky. Why I look at the sky first is a mystery I would not be interested in solving.

Now that I’m here, isn’t it odd how conversations after 2 A.M go? 

“Hey, did I wake you up?”

“No, I couldn’t sleep, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to say hi, it’s been a minute.” (Pause )

Side note: It’s past 2 A.M and you called just to say hi? And it’s been a minute? It’s only fifteen seconds, the mobile provider can even confirm that and what’s with did I wake you? Dude! Who is awake past 2A.M? Even the guy we pay to stay awake is snoring at the security office! I just wanted to say hi! Eish!

Are you there? You kinda went quiet for a minute.” ( Pause, no actually continue writing and just say you dozed off the next morning!)

The thing with waking up at three is that the most refreshing ideas come out of nowhere. They are the best company you’ll ever have and trust me, if you don’t jot them down, you’ll forget them and worse off if you do, you’ll wonder which fool took them down come morning.

So be smart,like me, read some poems by Nikita Gill

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