When plans change

It’s easy to plan. Everyone makes plans.

It is following through that matters the most. Like that plan to get married and settled by the time you turn thirty. Or that plan to get that girl’s number. How about the plan to change your lifestyle? A weight loss plan, a diet regimen, an investment plan?

Or how about the plan to get up and do laundry, but right after an episode or season of the Game of  Thrones ?

Plans can be made and they can change.

But life can throw you certain curves that numb you so muchso that you cannot recall when you fell off the track and just how far off you’ve gone. Over the years, I have learned to make use of such moments and to write down everything as it happens to me. It has been a great experience and some words have come and gone and built an essence I cannot ignore.

So, I will take a four day break from writing Forty days in an attempt to come to terms with a curve ball that has been thrown my way. 

In my grief I have found it daunting to pen a few words, but even so I know that this will take time. I am a planner and love things being organized and neat enough for me to understand. However, I know that time does have its moments and no matter how much they throw you off the track, you should not lose hope. Heal. Understand your need to bear the pain and out of that chisel your strength.

Four days, until then, be brave, keep writing, keep reading.

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