Jeremy smiled to himself more than any guy I had ever met. The view was not amusing neither the music nor the company. He smiled as he sipped his coffee, answered a call or stared out the window at the busy road beside the cafe. When I looked at the time by the screen on my phone, I nearly lost it. He remained seated and shrugged his shoulders as though a few dark skies were nothing but bliss to him.

“Hey, I better get going,” I said.

“Sure, where do you live? I could drop you off. Is it within town or out of it?”

“Out of town actually, I live in Lolwe,but I am sure I can get a mat now.”

“I live in Kenya Re so it seems we are neighbors which is great,I will drop you off and then make my way home. Do you like it there?”

“Yes, I actually do. It’s a small cosy place and I have my own gate which makes it easier to access without running into the people from the main house.”

“Why did you choose Lolwe?”

“I like it there.”

“Why did you stay in PR?”

“I think you are doing this just to unsettle me, but I will still insist that I love it. It was not the course I had in mind but I realized I could do it.”

“You could be great at investigation or law, anything that involves little or no talking, but you’d laugh it off now.”

“I still do a bit of that because I have to get to know you and your organization first before introducing you to the people I work for so that’s investigating if not checking you out.”

“I will enjoy working with you, and I can’t wait to see how you handle yourself out there.”

“I am not sure if you are complementing or mocking me Jeremy all I know is that we had better leave so I can get to the house and rest.”

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