Why it is important to have passion

I sat facing my computer this morning, but I could not type anything except “this is a word document, I should write something, anything, as long as I am here, a few words should be just fine.” I did laundry, sorted out my clothes and packed for a trip I’m supposed to make this Wednesday. It felt good. Great. So when I sat down and thought about my week and felt as though something was slowly dying in me, I was taken aback. I have a job. I am of good health. I have a loving family full of crazy people who always make me laugh and think. I have a roof over my head. I have that new Rebecca Ferguson album “Superwoman.” I have not missed an episode of Twist of Fate on ZeeWorld. So what’s the matter? 

As I sat down to have breakfast, it hit me that I have not been writing much and there was this sadness that filled my heart. I wonder, do other Writers feel so empty when they haven’t written? What do they do with the emptiness? Does it go away or can it be filled with something temporarily?

And then I learned of Passion. 

Going on even when you don’t feel like it.

Going on when the world mocks you. It is being brave enough to stand when you’re too weak to keep kneeling because you have a fire in you that refuses to be put out.

Why then is this passion important? 

From where I sit, it’s important because it is that spark that knows it will light up not one soul but many souls and it’s stubborn enough to keep burning. I have been so focused on blending in at work, doing a good job that I forgot that I am a Writer. I have been so focused on earning a paycheck that I forgot about the burning fire inside of me that refuses to be put out. 

It is also important because it is the driving force of purpose. When you are persistent in doing something you are passionate about,you are focused,determined and are bound to realize results.

Passion makes you stand out. It announces your presence anywhere you go, for as long as you keep it alive.

Maybe other Writers have had the same challenge of balancing their work, responsibilities and family with writing. But, I have to keep that passion burning, for simply put writers write. 

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