My NanoWrimo Fail

I haven’t completed this year’s NanoWrimo challenge. I had this great idea and plot and somewhere along the way, work became a priority and I could not catch up or meet the targets I set for myself.

So, what does that mean for Flowers in June? I will write it at my own pace. I set it up as this month’s challenge because:

  1. I wanted to focus on writing that first draft.
  2. I need discipline when it comes to my writing. I have been all over the place of late and that’s not my cup of tea.
  3. Who gets flowers in June? Now, is that not something worth reading?
  4. I had this idea for a novella and this felt like the ideal time to get writing.

So, now that the month’s coming to an end and all the Wrimos out there are drawing closer to their targets, I am left drinking coffee, listening to Formation by Beyonce and biting large chunks of cake. I am not going to strain myself to meet the target :-(.

I really wanted to get this done, but those 50,000 words are not yet here and they’ll not be come 30th of this month. On the bright side, I feel more relaxed knowing that I have managed to meet half of that and can always keep writing and improving the plot.

I won’t win the challenge this year, but I shall have mastered my emotions and given into the story, and I win all through, so thanks to NanoWrimo for that kind of pressure.

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