Lessons I have learned in 2016

I remember making many plans and working on resolutions. It was going to be the year in which I published more books and had more visibility as an Author.

However, you know that life is what happens when you plan and something else occurs, right? So, when you ask me what have I learned this year? I’ll probably write a book about it, but here are some of the things I learned and I am still learning:

  • I am learning to always leave loved ones with loving words, to always get that hug, kiss or blessing because it might be the last time I see them.
  • I am learning that you can do something in the spur of the moment that will scar you for life.
  • I am learning that there is more to life than followers, like, mentions, retweets, reposts, comments and hashtags.
  • I am learning that ‘I want to marry you,’ is a declaration and not a proposal. It is more an intention and not an act. There is no rush to marry and it does not make me less of a woman if I am single and without a child at my age.
  • I am learning that money is a lousy way of keeping score. Success is not the number of cars, houses, clothes, bags, or bank notes someone has. It is the strong and positive relationships one has and sustains. God first and the others will follow.
  • I am learning that having money is not as cool as I thought it was. Money can buy houses but not homes. It can buy vacations but not peace of mind. And when you die, your family will still fundraise in order to bury you.
  • I am learning that attitude matters a lot, a good attitude can always get me out of situations I cannot control.
  • I am learning that there is no such thing as too much coffee and chocolate cake.
  • I am learning that ‘thank you’ is as important and valuable as ‘hello, how are you?’
  • I am learning that I am not just black, I am dark, bold and beautiful and it transcends what other people say of me.
  • I am learning that a pen+notebook and some alone time between the hours of (7-8am) and (7-9pm) helps advance my writing.

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