To set or not to set goals

Jambo! Chances are you have heard the phrase “Happy new year!” more than you’ve heard “how are you?” So,I am not going to add to that list, but it’s great that you are reading this. It is even greater that my assumption is stronger, and that you’ll make it to the end of this post.

So, 2017, uh?

Time flies so fast, wasn’t it just the millennium yesterday? How old is Facebook again? And last year wasn’t it just SnapChat’s year? And of course who can forget the epic showdown on democracy? If you’re American and you’re reading this no disrespect or harm here, but voting in Trump just had me speechless! Let’s agree to totally disagree that it was the highlight of last year. Forget that,it’s a new year and like most people I am struggling with the decision of either setting or not setting goals. 

First, I rarely meet the goals I set every year. Secondly, it is boring to set goals because life always springs up new stuff on me along the way. So, to set or not to set goals, that is the question!

I thought about it and realized that there is a lot for me to do and why not settle in the middle. I can set some goals in certain aspects of my life and leave the other aspects as open as I can. For example, I’d love to read at least 100 books this year and review them on Goodreads. I can set that.

I’d also love to publish another African series.I have set a timeline of February for the first draft. I can definitely work on that and also source for a cover creator by March. I can work with these timelines to produce content but if there is one area I am unable to tap into, it has got to be my studies, work, and fitness.

So, to set or not to set goals, I am learning that choices are personal and whatever I choose I have to take responsibility for seeing it through and accepting the consequences. So, until then, here are a few titles I’m reading today because it’s back to work tomorrow.

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