The man from the sea

If people knew about him, they would cast him out. He would be the genie they heard about. The face to the man they were told to fear as children. I wonder, did anyone ever lay eyes upon him and live to tell of it? When people speak of Neema, they speak of an unmatched beauty and unrivaled wrath.

They speak of her anger as though it was a strong wave hitting the shore.

Neema was grace.

She was silence.

She was the one who saw truth when our people saw lies and greed. Her mistake was to speak about it and fight it.

She was never one to keep her tongue between her teeth!

The man from the sea visited her every night until the day she took her first steps and that was the last time I saw her as a child. He handed me three pearls: uzima, baraka and amani. I carried these pearls home and wrapped them in my kanga and hid them under my mat.

My husband would have traded them for mnazi had he found them, but he would never give me a child had I asked.

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