I dream…sometimes

I dream of flowers,

A bunch or roses, a little bit of yellow and red, throw in some white roses and I’ll swoon.

I dream of love,

A bit of “honey,” “bae”, ” sweetie” “#relationshipgoals”, and cuddling, and endless gifts and hugs.

I dream of bliss,

A cup of coffee while reading a book.

I dream of insight,

A trip to Ghana to wander at the beauty and might of the Ashanti people and kingdom. A trip to Egypt, to grace the walls of one of the most famous libraries.

I dream of pleasure,

Waking up having slept in between satin sheets with a breakfast tray beside me.

I dream of clouds, music, love,laughter,books, hope…

Sometimes I dream of humanity, where we care for one another and parents don’t run for their lives while carrying their dead children.

I dream of children who go to sleep, and wake up trusting that the adults are true to their word.

I dream…I really do, and sometimes when anyone asks me about it, I say…

I dream…sometimes.

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