What I learned about 2 A.M calls

Never answer a phone call past 2 A.M!

If someone calls you and starts by saying ‘did I wake you up?’, please ‘hang up,’ and go back to sleep or else you will take part in a confession that you will regret four hours later.

It’s almost 10 A.M and I am here writing this, and thinking of how much I need an Editor for this, but the truth is I brought it all upon myself. I stayed up yesterday because of three reasons and they are strictly in this order:

  1. Twist of Fate on Zee World
  2. It was 31 degrees hot
  3. I was reading the book- ‘The Shadow Prince.’

So, there I was reading The Shadow Prince by Stacey O’Neale and thinking to myself that I am better off being who I am and not part of some royal family when this guy I used to like sent me a message on Whatsapp.


I looked at it and set the phone aside until I’d finished reading the book then I sent him a message ‘hey, you, I’m good. Hope you’re awesome, have a goodnight.’

He did not respond. I went to bed at around midnight…now, people, two hours into my sleep I hear ‘hey I heard you are a wild one…oooh, if I took you home’ and I’m thinking, who is this? (You probably think that I should change my ringtone, and you are right, it changes with my mood…I need that song by RedOne featuring that cute Arsenal player with big teddy bear eyes)

So, if you said that guy up there, well, you are right, it was that guy! I look at that phone and think of all the things I could do including pressing the power button and switching it off, but you know how cunning that little devil is. I understand why Eve ate that apple and shared it with Adam, because I knew I was not supposed to answer that call, but in a split second I did, and in a voice dipped in honey.


‘Oh, hey there, for a moment I thought you’d not answer, lakini, how are you? It’s been days, mbona umenyamaza hivyo?’

I held my peace for a while, but in my mind the answer was : ‘Well, you did not like me like I liked you and so you went for someone else, and gave me the silent treatment, for a year.’

What came out of my mouth was ‘Aki si hivyo, you know what happens nikiwa on the road and all that, but thanks for reaching out to me, how have you been?’

‘I have been good. I have missed you sana.’

‘Yeah…well…( and here is where the devil did a number on me) I missed you too, when will you come visit Kisumu?’

‘That’s funny, I was thinking of the same thing, but I just got here today, and you are the first person that came to mind. What are you doing over the weekend?’

‘I haven’t made plans.I can’t believe you are in Kisumu.’

‘Well, I am and I want us to meet up, say Sato afte at Java? I know you love that place and besides, we have a lot to talk about.’

‘This Saturday?’

‘Yes, this Saturday, are you working or something?’

‘Yes, but only until midday and then after that I’ll be free, so how about 2pm?’

‘I’ve missed you so much and it will be nice seeing you again.’

‘Yeah, me too.’

‘So, you get your beauty sleep, and we’ll catch up.’



I set the phone aside, it was almost a quarter past two in the morning. How did I do that? I mean, why did I do that? The truth is I couldn’t sleep after that because I kept asking myself why I replied his message. Why did I answer his call?

Do not, and I repeat, do not answer phone calls after two o’clock in the morning. Why?

One, you are drowsy and will probably regret everything you say.

Two, chances are that out will have to follow through on what you say or agree to because you were half asleep.

Three, if you are the type to call people past midnight just to catch up on old times, please don’t, they’re drunk with sleep, and aren’t that coherent,aye?



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