The 5 am club

Have you heard of the 5 A.M. club? It is all about getting up early to have the perfect head start to a productive day. I had done this in July 2013 (read about it here)  and it helped me set a great pace for writing The Currents Series. I am having trouble writing my latest manuscript and I thought why not focus and get in those two hours before leaving for work every morning.

So, I decided to join the 5 A.M club and set my alarm for 5 o’clock every day and let’s just say that I need all the motivation to pull through.

Picture courtesy of Google Images 🙂

I started on Sunday and so far I can only focus for thirty minutes before the Muezzin makes his call to all the faithfuls. We are surrounded by three mosques and a catholic church, so after five-thirty I find myself drawn to all the calls. I look outside my window and watch out for those who are awake like me, the boda boda drivers, children going to school, the street lights, vehicles and before I know it, it’s already seven and I have to get ready for work!

So, I’ve got ten days to put in some work and get this manuscript going and maybe then I’ll have an update on what’s good.

Until then, have a lovely afternoon.



2 thoughts on “The 5 am club

  1. HI Dora! I have been thinking about having a whole morning routine especially after it reading and hearing about it from Michael Hyatt, (former CEO of Thomas Nelson) who has been doing for many years. But I have been finding it difficult to implement especially when taking into consideration the Nairobi commute. I find it easier to get to the office early and do some “overtime” as it were. Any tips would be welcome though

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