Like thunder


He is the embodiment of all that is strong, swift and calm. A little bit cunning, a little bit wanting but never lacking.

Scratch that, I can do better!

If I told you about a storm, the kind that ruffled the clouds, shook the earth, scattered the dust and misdirected the wind, you’d say I was exaggerating. 

You would look at me, shake your head and walk away as though I was the plague coming to strike you in your house, but that’s the situation with Michael.
Love. Lust. Desire. Ambition.

A relationship that does not require a status because “it’s complicated” is cliché. He hails from the estate down this long winding road, a voice rich with promises and a face filled with dreams, my dreams. 

So, here I am typing away, confiding in a friend, about this dream of mine, and when I go to bed, I ask myself, “why is he always wearing that black jacket?”

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