My week so far

I am glad Saturday is here.

It has been an epic week for me because it involved a little bit of travel, planning and most of all a conflict that made me wish for an escape.

It has also been the week in which I listened to “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction five times!

So c-come on! I don’t know why….it just happened.

I learned a couple of things this week:

  1. Your solution to a crisis might not be someone else’s solution and they may condemn you for taking action.
  2. Respect to those who are in the 8 to 5 grind, working with people every day for the same work hours in a confined office, takes a lot of patience and understanding.
  3. When you want to cross the road and an old lady is beside you, please ensure that you help them cross the road. I neglected this and once my foot hit the road, she followed me but could not keep up with stopping in the middle of the road to avoid incoming vehicles, we were treated to hooting vehicles!
  4. A decision won’t wait for you to act upon it. Make up your mind, act upon it and be consistent in your actions if you want to achieve a goal.
  5. Ombeyi is far! It’s some place in Ahero town- and besides I took this cool photo of a church I saw there.


I am looking forward to some quiet time after work today, and I am thinking something along the lines of a three hour nap!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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