8 thoughts on “Finding my voice and then some

  1. Good idea to set it aside, wait for fresh eyes. It’s so easy to slip into a funk over writing. I think as long as I recognise that it’s just a phase and accept it, it’s a bit easier to ride it out. It’s when I fight it that it can become really frustrating. Just doing something else, for a couple of hours even, can help reshape my perspective I find.

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  2. I feel the same sometimes about my blogging. I feel unmoved by what I have written. Almost a thousand words. So I delete everything or leave it as a draft for so long. It usually goes away after I write something else that blows me away. X; that’s what a friend of mine called it.
    As for my actual writing, my voice is still frail, still struggling to speak out. Still drafts and unshared word documents….


    1. I hear you Tess. I have written so many drafts over the years and even after publishing books, the feeling still lingers, and though it can pull you down, it’s a reminder that you want to give the best that you can…and more often than not, the best takes time to get ready.

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  3. I know exactly how you feel. I regularly feel like I haven’t done enough, and I’m always trying to do more…which then gets me stressed out and in a funk

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