Working my way towards somewhere

I should have titled this post “Finding my way in life,” but even then it would not do justice. It is one of those bright Monday mornings where I had fresh juice, listened to my favorite songs, got to work early and had a few reports submitted on time.

The greatest part has got to be getting a new e-reader which would enable me get started on some epic ebooks I got last week!

I am learning that you never know what would come your way, and this morning, I received a harsh report from my boss- and I was stumped for a few minutes. It hurt me at first because when she said that she does not know what I do every day, I was tempted to follow her with all my reports and success stories; but in that moment it also dawned on me that there might be many reasons for her outburst.

The worst feeling has got to be the one I experienced at that moment: unappreciated.

So, I went into my bag pulled out a bottle of Minute Maid Mango juice, took a gulp and walked out of the room and thought of Wednesday.

You know, International Women’s Day, and my birthday 🙂 

What am I doing on that day? I’m pledging my support for access to quality education for young girls and women. What will you be doing this Wednesday? (Aside from work) What will you do to celebrate women or to champion their rights?


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