You won’t believe what happened to me

Have you ever been stuck in traffic while you were pressed? You know, there you are in a matatu that sped off the stage only to get caught up in traffic, sandwiched between an SBI truck and a HASHI Petroleum tanker and you’ve got to pee?

So, there I was adjusting my feet you’d think the distance between the seat in front of me and my seat was a killer option, when this beautiful lady spotting short hair settles in the seat beside me. She smiled at me. I smiled back (it’s always good to smile at people while you enjoy public transport, who knows, they might think you’re crazy but when you get into trouble, they might save you as you wait for an ambulance).

I kept settling in my seat. Shifting the weight of my bladder from one side to the other, as I kept my focus on the traffic that was shamelessly building up.

The lane cleared up and we started moving. I thanked the heavens because I wanted to get to United Mall, hop on a motorbike and dash home.

Then, we stopped…like seriously stopped and the tout stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to the driver’s side. At this point, I could definitely feel it slipping through, making it’s way out of my bladder and then…this girl, the one with short hair, decides to open a bottle of Coke! I heard that ‘pssss’ sound and I said, “excuse me” and gave the tout twenty shillings and ran through to the other side and walked into the nearest filling station and asked to use their washroom!

See, I learned something:

  1. Do not open a bottle of Coke next to someone who is fidgeting in their seat.





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