21 things about me right now

  1. I am replaying Hillsong United‘s 2016 album, Let There be Light.
  2. I had tea in the morning and now, I am drinking my first cup of black coffee.
  3. Reading: 
  4. I love taking off my shoes and walking barefoot in the office 🙂
  5. The campaign I am currently loving and following has got to be: ONE CAMPAIGN: The Fight Against Extreme Poverty
  6. I love Java 🙂 and now our office is a five minute drive away from it.
  7. I love the new layout of books at Books First in Nakumatt (Mega Plaza Kisumu), going to get 4 books this afternoon: The Fallen Angels series by J.R.Ward
  8. I can’t go a day without scrolling through the WordPress Reader.
  9. I take this album everywhere I go: Image result for divide ed sheeran because Ed Sheeran just is.
  10. I’ve lost 1.5kgs and it’s bugging me.
  11. Highlighters are my new craze
  12. I have never missed an episode or re-run of Twist of Fate which airs on ZeeWorld.
  13. I am nervous about the release of my new book-> I’d talked of it here
  14. Totally loathe writing work plans!
  15. Looking forward to the Mothering Sunday service at Church this Sunday, because moms are moms.
  16. My ringtone is Work from Home by Fifth Harmony (don’t ask, don’t tell)
  17. I’ve been to the JUMIA Pick-Up station in Kisumu seven times this month alone!
  18. So proud of my myself because a success story report I wrote was published on two sites, and it’s enhanced the visibility of the organization 🙂
  19. Writing more this week and it feels great.
  20. I have a lot more to achieve and sometimes when I think about it, I find myself saddened by the things I am yet to do.
  21. I cry when I watch movies: Have you watched Lion?  I cried so much my sister had to pause the movie and tell me to shut up or we could stop watching it…my cousins just laughed, my mom handed me the third handerkerchief and told my cousin “enda ulete tissue moja umpe Arch.”

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