Dear Aurora

Dear Aurora,

I thought that you would be here by now.

Who am I to talk, I was six and delirious, because who knew that a tall dark and handsome husband, a Toyota Corolla, a three bed-room house and two kids wouldn’t be the idea of a perfect life?

I was six.

And then I was sixteen.

Then later I was twenty and all I could dream of was being a Psychologist…and I was writing romance novels and sketching my characters with crooked noses, uneven faces and black colored hair. I was in love with the idea of you.

Aurora. Dawn. A new beginning.

I am sipping Ginger Tea, typing away as my colleagues leave for their homes and all I can think of was how delusional and impatient I was. If Heaven is with me on this, you’ll come to be at the right time. You’ll have your mother’s hair, your aunt’s tenacity and your grandmother’s will. You will be a thing of beauty, worth every instagram shot, and I will adore you because a part of me has been writing you letters, telling you snippets about my life experiences, like that time I wore a yellow sun-dress, or the time I designed a banner, covered an event, published books, cooked for thirty guests, traveled to Keiyo Valley, blogged about my birthdays, and definitely that time I was heartbroken.

I hope this finds you in a delightful mood because one of us has to be real here, and it’s most definitely the bond we have.

I hope you travel the world.

I hope you get your heart broken and that you heal because it is in breaking that we heal parts of us we could never reach.

I hope you dance and that when you do, you’ll love my music collection, and if you don’t I hope music makes you twirl and twirl.

I hope you forge ahead; you are not just pretty, or incomplete without a man, I hope you see in you the perfection that I see and that when someone says “you are beautiful,” you smile and reply, “I have and always will be, thank you.”

I hope you take up every course you’d love, because Science and Math is for us all, there is nothing as ‘girls excel in languages,’ SCIENCE+MATH are the best languages!

I hope that when I disappoint you or make you angry you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me, to look at me and see that I am not perfect, but rather the one who would trade her life for yours.

I hope that in all this…please, if Heaven is with me on this, that you LOVE BOOKS 🙂

Until then…


7 thoughts on “Dear Aurora

  1. Your pieces are always oh so refreshing 🙂 I can tell you for a fact that I’m always looking forward to seeing you on my readers feed. I wish I discovered you earlier when I was still in Kisumu, it’s always nice to put a face to the words. Love and Light.

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