Swing low

You came up to me today.

Black shirt, black Nike shoes, a grey back pack and you slowed down…a little screech offsetting the rhythm of my feet. It could have been the whiff of your cologne, or just the way the hair on the back of my neck stood, but you were there, staring at me.

“Sasa,” you said.

bicycles bike wheels gear travel fitness road outdoor sports bokeh blur steel brakes pedals

Your feet maintained their steady pace on the pedals, and your hands gripped the brakes but your eyes were on me. Black.

I wonder why I always assumed they were brown.

“Poa sana, ndiyo kuingia kazi.”

“Hapo fiti sana, si I’ll see you around, acha nifike.”

“Okay, have a good day.”

“It already is, bye.”




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