Goodbye March, Hello April

31 days have come and gone. March’s my birthday month and this year will definitely be one to remember.

I worked till 1:00AM on my birthday, got 5 books for my birthday, and I have read only two of them.

On Reading

I joined NetGalley, where I have read and reviewed 10 books.

And what would this month be without this side project I initiated: Nilichosoma where I get to talk about all the books I have read and it’s my own space to share as much as I want?

I finally got my hands on The Fallen Angels Series by J.R.Ward and swooned over certain angels in Crave and Envy, here and here.

On writing:

This month was the toughest because of the frustrations I faced in terms of advancing plot, creating seamless structure and most of all feeling the story flow. It’s been quite hectic and I have two projects under review at the moment: The Crown of the Sea and A Rose for Every Season.

My submission for the 2017 Commonwealth Short Story Prize was unsuccessful, and getting the regret letter was worth it. I’ll share it tomorrow 🙂

On eating out

I visited Java at West End Mall here in Kisumu five times this month, well because there’s nothing as awesome as their Chocolate fudge cake and giant chicken samosa coupled with iced-coffee.

Image result for java house chocolate fudge cake

I also had some awesome kuku choma at the Jomo Kenyatta Sports Ground here in Kisumu and the Public Service Club. It’s been quite the trip, even though I have not gone on a road trip.

On music

What would March be without mentioning my favorite companion: Divide by Ed Sheeran ?

This month’s posts:

I can’t wait to see what’ll be in April, I am counting on the release of one of my books, aside from that, it’s going to be great.

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