I came across a being.

She was a soul that thrived neither on words nor acts.

She blossomed into the wild.

Her answers cut like glass, this beautiful daughter of the Lake.

Her response to my advances “en ang’o! Asekoni ni aonge saa mar nang’o chupa ei Nairobi kae! Wuod ma! To mi baa dhogi kae, be in gi simba dala? Be meru odak ei ot ma permanent?”

I would nod and say “Ee” because it’s what my friends told me to do.

I became one with her shadow, followed her trails on Facebook and Twitter. I enhanced my double-tapping skills on her Instagram profile and sent out hearts when I needed to.

This creature, wild, untamed, vicious and one who never backed down from a fight.

coffee latte art espresso coffee shop caffelatte cup spoon wooden table

Alice. It’s all she ever said to me, so when I walked into Khaldis that Wednesday evening and saw her talking to a guy in a red sweater, the scent of freshly brewed coffee tormented my soul. I retraced my steps to Gill house, boarded a matatu home.

It was the first time I looked out the window until I got home.

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