What’s your worth?

I was reading a book before watching an Indian Soap Opera I’m obsessed with. So, there I was drinking hot chocolate, scribbling work notes when the program started. I’ve been watching it for more than four months and the hero finally confessed his love to the woman who was always by his side, epic right? So, when she started saying that it shouldn’t be so, I was like wait…this isn’t worth my time, and it got me asking…

What are you worth?

Did you just utter “a lot,” and think in terms of what you do, your job, what you own, your education, your connection?

If you did, you’re not alone. Welcome aboard. More often than not, we tie our worth and value to these things and if you examine them closely, you are bound to end up with a digit somewhere at the bottom line. 

So, I’m still racking my brain about it but the question still remains what’s your worth? Does it have to involve a figure, a feeling, an understanding, a string of words? I have no idea…and “more than I could ever express,” is the answer that comes to mind at the moment. 

There are also certain questions that feel more like loopholes that come to mind:

  1. Should it be on your terms? Is my worth attached to you so much so that I seek your validation?
  2. Is there any way that this could be calculated?
  3. What good will it do me to have a solid answer to this?
  4. Does it matter?
  5. If I could pick anything else in place of this term “worth” what would it be?

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