A queue, giant samosa, cake and headwrap

It is one of those days for me. I am on my sixth cup of coffee.


I reported to work hoping for a much easier day. I had cleaned  up my desk, made my list of tasks to be done, and I was looking forward to listening to Shakira’s new album, El Dorado as I designed a newsletter. I arrived at the office, turned on my machine and there it was….a list of emails. You know your plans are thrown out the window when you see you’ve got over five emails! However, that is not what inspired me to fetch my fourth cup of coffee. It was the fact that the lights went out when I had psyched myself to work on four new urgent tasks.

So, since it was right around lunch time, I made my way to Java and ordered a giant chicken samosa.

I also passed by Uchumi supermarket and bought two sharpeners and two blue pens because when I am stressed I buy stationery. It is always easier to divert my attention to writing instead of focusing it on what’s stressing me. Having to deal with so many tasks had me on edge, and on days like this, I wonder just how far off I am on what I considered to be my track. It is like envisioning a character to be a villain and he/she turns into the protagonist. It is like getting to town only for it to start drizzling and the touts start shouting an inflated price!

Now that I have safely arrived on my seventh cup of coffee, I can say that I have accomplished half of my tasks and cannot stress about what’s piling up on my to-do list. I can close my eyes for a minute, listening to some music, and sharpen a couple of pencils.



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