Send me a filter,

One that hides a fighter.

I’m thinking Gingham, or Reyes, but not Sierra,

No, definitely not Sierra.

I’m thinking Hefe, or Nashville, but not X-Pro II,

No, too much color that one.

I’m thinking Clarendon, or Lark, but not Juno,

No, Juno reminds me of a pregnant teen.

I’m thinking Slumber, or Crema, or Ludwig,

Listen, how about Amaro, or Perpetua what of Aden?

No, Aden is not as bold as Ludwig neither is it as fancy as Sierra or Reyes.

I’m thinking Hudson, or Mayfair, but not Rise,

No, I’ve used Rise in most of my pictures.

I could use it to get a rise out of my followers,

I bet they’d never notice…1,000 is something right?

The more they are the fewer the likes, the more the stream of photos…I could use Rise.

Wait, you can’t settle for Rise?

Why not? It’s my photo and my Gram.

Yeah,but there’s Moon, Lark, Willow and Inkwell,

Why not give them a try, see how your photo gains a different perspective.

Is it about perspective?

Yes, why do you use filters?

Hello, are you there? Why do you use filters? I asked a question…


Send me a filter; one that hides a fighter.


Send me a filter, a good filter, one that hides a fighter, a fighter who’s forgotten what she’s fighting for.

Send me a filter, not because I asked for it,but because you feel every ounce of your soul slowly slipping through your version of events.

Send me a filter,

Send me.



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