11 answers to 11 questions

I was going through my reader page yesterday at 2:56PM when I came across this post by this awesome blogger.

Congratulations, you penguin and thank you for coming up with some awesome questions that I could try to answer, so, let’s do this!

1. What’s a current food trend that you’re interested in trying?

None. I’m not big on food or trends.

2. On the same subject of food, can you recommend me a local dish of your hometown?

Chapobeans any day any time! Well, let me break that down: chapati and beans.

3. Where’s the first place you would like to visit next?


4. If you could get something for free, would you choose a first-class airplane seat or a high-scale restaurant?

A high-scale restaurant any day any time! Did I mention that flying freaks me out?

5. Hot or cold weather?

Hot! Hot! Hot!

6. What annoys you?

A lot of things but mostly short form texting that makes me wonder if I should distribute dictionaries to anyone who sends me a text like “hw u?ms u?”

7. If you could learn any new language, which one would it be and why?

Russian.  I’d love to yell at Peaches in Russian.

8. What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the word “white.”

Paper. 🙂

9. Fill in the blank: “French ___fries____.” State your reason.

Ketchup and some chilli sauce and that stuff is bae!

10. Books that you would like to read?

11. Name one weird habit/thing you do.

I drink water while sitting on the floor at 2am.

Head on to The Finicky Cynic’s post about #TheLiebsterAward if you’d love to answer the questions: right here


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