Quotes on writing

I came across a notebook I’d used in 2015 and inside there were all these notes, scribbles, ideas and things that made their way into some of the content I wrote then. I also came across this page where I’d titled “some epic quotes on writing,” so here they are:

  • Writing turns you into somebody who’s always wrong. The illusion that you may get it right someday is the perversity that draws you on.- Phillip Roth, American Pastoral
  • Writing is liberation.- Sainte Beuve
  • Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for the love of it, then you do it for a few friends and finally you do it for money. Moliere
  • A writer is an ink-spiller. Ink is a form of water. Israel Kosky, 1945

Have a lovely weekend.


Currently listening to: Baptized by Daughtry

Looking forward to: an afternoon nap

So glad I got to: finish braiding my hair

Can’t wait to: visit a tailor and get a dress made out of the fabric bought yesterday 🙂

I hope: I can start taking sugar again, but my sore throat is getting better and I am sounding much better than I feel.

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