Writing updates

Hello, how was your weekend?

It’s raining outside as I write this. I am on my third cup of tea silently hoping that the sun would come out to play so I can go to town. I postponed a meeting because it’s cold and wet and those two freak me out…well, mostly because I am:

  1. tempted to stay in bed reading a book and drinking coffee
  2. definitely tempted to wear pajamas everywhere I go.

On writing:

I’ve got two big writing projects that have been on my mind.

  1. Completing the Ushanga book.
  2. Writing a short story for an upcoming anthology set here in Kenya.

I haven’t picked up on where I left with both projects because I seem to have got great books to read off NetGalley and of course write reviews after devouring them. I am looking more into character portraits and how I bring my characters to life because there is a certain authenticity to a character who when read feels like they are actually talking to you in real life. I have been able to draw this out through dialogues but when it comes to having a character in a setting or getting them to settle in a descriptive environment my words fail me.

I am also working on sentence variation.

I’ve often loved short sentences, but written long ones instead, never pausing to let the reader catch a breath!

On reading:

I bought two ebooks yesterday that I can’t wait to start reading. It might take me a while to complete my #tbrlist but I’m definitely going to read these!

Have a lovely week.

Keep it simple. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Writing updates

  1. sounds like you’re working on quite the adventure there. I hope you have loads of fun with that and enjoy the books you just got. I’m starting Middlemarch by George Eliot. I’ve had an interesting weekend, worked on Saturday but got Sunday and Monday off. I think I’ll read several books and work on my own stories that need to be written. Have a wonderful week.

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  2. It seems to be impossible for me to stay in bed on any given day. If I am awake, I need to be out of the sack or different parts of my body will start twitching. The only days I have stayed in my pajamas is when I have been sick. Even if I am just trading my pajamas for lounging clothes, it makes a difference on how I feel about the day.

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