A Moby Dick kinda feeling


9 months and 16 days, that’s exactly how long it took me to sit down and finish reading The Emperor’s Bones,a 736 page novel, by Adam Williams. #IssaFriday y’all!


I love Writers and Readers.

I have been in love with literature for years and I am saying this because let’s be honest as readers, there are books that make you feel like Captain Ahab hunting down the white whale! You get pissed off, you form a squad, sometimes you are miserable, sometimes you are optimistic but one thing remains constant…your will to keep reading. I had such a Moby Dick relationship with this book that I’m not going to lie about it. I read almost a hundred books in between November 28th last year when I started it and today when I finished it.

Have you ever had that one book that you couldn’t cast aside and forget about? I am talking about the one book that you keep coming back to but are nowhere near the last page? This was it for me and though set in the 19th century China, it’s a detailed insight into the war, opium business, foreign involvement and something about resilience in a beautiful red-head named Catherine Cabot. At some point as I was reading it this came to mind:

I posted my review on Goodreads and went straight to the shop to get a 500ml Fanta Orange to celebrate.

What’s your Moby Dick kinda book?

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