Reading & Writing Updates

How’s your week been? What did you do this week? Friday’s here and I can’t wait for tomorrow because well, I get to sleep way past six am.

My week’s been full of events and on Wednesday was a tough sail for me because I received a long email from a project I was looking forward to and the take on it was it’s got to be on hold till the political situation gets better. Well, that hurt, but I am hopeful that Kenya will get better because we’ve got to uphold our constitution. It also broke my heart to go on Facebook and read about the killings in Kisumu because no one deserves to be hit, insulted, belittled or killed for expressing their grievances. No one also deserves to be robbed of their income because of someone expressing their grievance.

On reading:

  • I finished reading an interesting thriller on Tuesday. It follows Masha, a law intern at a police station in Moscow who looks into a serial killer’s patterns and unravels a mystery far beyond the country’s expectation and understanding. (Get a copy on Amazon)

  • I also got stuck on Wuthering Heights. I’ll probably take some time off, listen to Tamar Braxton’s album Bluebird of Happiness and then get back to it when I can take the anger and bitterness portrayed.
  • I am currently halfway through Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani.
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  • I am still on the lookout for a great book to read. So, any suggestions are most welcome!

On writing:

  • I am still working on Ushanga and it’s set for release at the end of this month, so that’s awesome.
  • An idea for my next book popped to mind while I was working on Ushanga and that pissed me off. Don’t you hate it when you are finally writing a few words and a better idea comes and perches on your shoulders? So, I’ll draft an outline and see how it goes before I make anything of it.
  • 11 days to NanoWrimo and I am not ready, but I’m looking forward to participating alright.

I guess that’s it for me so far. What are you reading this week?

To Kenyans, Happy Mashujaa Day 🙂

Have a lovely weekend.



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