Chapter Three: Okwan

It was a relief seeing Belinda the next morning and so Okwan gave her a set of tasks to see to at the restaurant as she proceeded to pay for the delivered groceries.

“Belinda, we have some deliveries to make at Re-Insurance Plaza and I hope you can do just that because Joshua is not around.”

“Sure, I’ll deliver the meals.”

“Make sure everyone pays you for their meal, they always have the tendency of saying you can collect the money tomorrow. I am in no mood for credit today and tell them the pilau is already mixed with beef. O and there’s this mama, some short plump lady who insists on wearing red lipstick even though the color makes her look like a dead hen.”

“You do not like this mama I presume.”

“I am telling you to watch out for her. She always finds fault in the beef stew every time it’s delivered to her. Do not let her talk to you through her nose.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Belinda took the wrapped lunches and put them in one big shopping bag and left the restaurant for Re-Insurance plaza. It was a relief to have stepped out of the kitchen into the fresh air. The plaza was a five-minute walk from the restaurant and she was greeted by the guard upon entry who proceeded to direct her towards the reception.

The lady at the front desk smiled when she approached, “you must be the new person Okwan got. I heard you were beautiful but they must have missed something because you don’t look like any mama kibanda.”

“Is that a compliment or an insult?”

“I don’t know. You are quite pretty you know, anyways I am Maureen, but you can call me Mesh.”

“Why Mesh and not Moh.”

“It’s my name and I get to pick the nickname, what do they call you?”

“Belinda but do not call me Besh.”

“I see, anyways, you can place my order right here while I go and tell the others that their lunch is here. Before I forget, here’s your money.”

“Thank you, Mesh.”

“Don’t thank me, let me sit down and eat then you can thank me.”

Belinda sat on the brown couch at the reception and watched Mesh walk into the other offices announcing at the top of her voice that lunch was served.

Five minutes later she’d handed over everyone’s meal and collected her money. As she was about to leave, Mesh rushed beside her with a phone in hand. “Hi, can I have your number?”

“You have Okwan’s number isn’t she the one you’d rather call to place your orders?”

“Yes, but she is not easy to talk to. I promise I won’t disturb you or stalk you; it’s all about keeping the business of lunch deliveries going. I would really love to have your number.”

Belinda looked at the lady once more. She couldn’t be a day over two decades but there was something about her that reminded her of life. She took the phone, keyed in her number and handed it back to Mesh. “See you tomorrow Belinda, and I love your jeans, they really make your hips look great!”

Belinda walked back to the restaurant and handed over the money to Okwan. She walked into the kitchen to check on the beef stew.

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