Chapter Four: Maureen

Two things were true about Maureen: She loved fashion and talking. For as long as she could remember, her parents had often told her that her voice entered any room before her skinny body did. It was no surprise meeting Belinda in fact she could not miss the opportunity for she’d met her once at Barcadia. Her friend Michelle had left her in the company of this handsome devil she knew was married but enjoyed spending time with. His phone lit up and Belinda was smiling right at her, back then she’d asked “Is that your wife?”

“Yes, that’s Belinda.”

“She is beautiful.”

“Yes, she is a great woman.” Michelle had walked in right then with their drinks and she’d excused herself for the night and probably for the short life span of their friendship ever since. Later that evening, she walked to Okwan’s restaurant and was pleased that Belinda was ready to leave too.

“Do you need to place an order for tomorrow Mesh?”

“No, I actually wanted to see you again and apologize for coming on too strong. I talk too much and some people take it the wrong way.”

“It’s alright. I am just heading on home.”

“Sure, okay, where do you live?”

“It’s not far. I’ll take a boda-boda.”

“Do you have kids?”

“Yes, two actually and I am rushing home because their bus will be dropping them soon. Why do you ask? Do you know them?”

“Um…no, it’s just a bit early so I guessed that maybe you have kids that’s why Okwan let you leave early.”

“Okwan is a good person. See you around Mesh.”

“Yeah, sure thing, see you tomorrow then and say hi to your kids.”

If there was a moment when Maureen felt guilty, it was knowing that Belinda had two kids and a cheat for a husband. She pulled out her phone from her bag and scrolled down her contact list. She did not find Michelle’s number but she could comb through her Facebook profile for updates on her social life.

She was still going through her phone when someone tapped on her shoulder. She looked up and said “yes, what is it?”

“I am sorry for disturbing you, but are you good friends with the lady you were with?”

“Who’s asking?”

“I am. Well, she looks like someone I know and I was driving so I couldn’t shout out her name, but if so, I’d really love to see her.”

“You just saw a beautiful lady and came up with a story. Look, if you want to see her, visit Okwan’s restaurant tomorrow. She works there. If she is the one you say then you can talk to her then but I am not giving you her number.”

“It’s alright. I appreciate it but how about your number then?”

“Really? Do I look like ugali sauce?”

The man smiled and walked back to his car leaving Maureen with thoughts she knew could stew some soup.

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