Chapter Five: Jeff

He was making his way to the New Victoria Hotel when his phone beeped. He reached for it and put it on speaker, “Jatelo, tell me what do you need?”

“Do I always call you when I need something?”

“Yes, you do. I am driving can I call you later?”

“Boss, I didn’t know that Madam works in town. I just missed her and she looks great.”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“You didn’t know that Belinda has been working at the kibanda near WinMart where we used to get our lunch? You remember the matumbo fry and ugali we used to dig into? She works for the mama there.”

“Where are you?”

“I am parked outside Denno’s base at WinMart.”

“I am getting into town now, how about I get you one or two and we can talk about this hallucination you have.”

Ati hallucination! I will wait then.”

Sawa thanks.” He sent Michelle a text saying he would delay by ten minutes. His phone lit up immediately, “Take your time.”

PS: Happy Writing Wrimos! I’ve got only two hundred words down today, but I’ll keep posting the Ushanga series as I participate in #NanoWrimo.

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