Chapter Fourteen…

“Now, that is the reason why you need to go and sleep it off. I know your husband is a coward and he will come here trying to confront you. Listen, go home and rest and we can talk about your next move.”

“Mesh, what do you mean by my next move?”

“Belinda, what she means is that you have finally caught him and he cannot hide from the truth. He knows you can do one major thing and that is to take the children from him. He also knows that he has to act like he is saving his marriage in order to look good among his fellow men. You have started a war Belinda and from where I’m sitting, I want you to win.”

“What is wrong with you two? I just confronted my husband and his mistress. I haven’t been living in our marital home for two months. I might lose my children and worse off, it hurts that he cheated on me and you are talking about war and winning?”

“You are too good for this life Belinda. You should become a Pastor.”

“I know right? We can be ushers and help collect all the tithes. Belinda, listen, Mesh is right. You are too good for this life and look where it got you. You got married and you embraced the season of marriage so much so that you forgot about yourself. Your whole world revolved around Jeff and sometimes when you give people the title of “Perfect” without informing them, they let you down. You expected so much from someone who knew nothing of your expectations. It hurts and it won’t stop hurting until you decide to keep loving and embracing yourself. You are lucky he didn’t leave you seeking the casualty wing of a hospital.”

“Okwan, I didn’t mean to…”

“No, that is what I mean by it hurting. Women bear secrets that could drain this world of all the tears the creatures have. It took me five years to choose myself. In those five years, all the nurses at Russia knew me as the punching bag of my husband and whenever I came in, they’d say ‘the usual,’ and write on my visiting card that I fell down. You know, later on when I looked at those cards, I saw that I’d fallen down four hundred and fifty three times. Did you know that anyone with Epilepsy does not suffer that much number of fits? Go home and sleep. We’ll talk in the evening.”

“Thanks Okwan.”

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