Updates on the writing life

Hello, it’s been a minute. How’s your week so far?

I had to go there, because I learned that when a Kenyan says “it’s been a minute” they mean it has been years and they don’t have your number and they probably can’t tell your second name or remember just how you became friends.

My December started out great. I’ve read more books than I’d expected but maybe it’s because everyone is rushing to release a book during the holidays.

  • My new fascination is with Kait Jagger’s Lord and Master Trilogy. Peaches bought me the series because I couldn’t stop talking about how Contemporary Romance sometimes disappoints me when they introduce the element of control and kink. I didn’t expect to be taken by the writing and now Peaches says I can definitely shut up.

Lord and Master Trilogy by [Jagger, Kait]

  • I have also been editing most of what I wrote during November for NanoWrimo. Let’s just say that the word count went from 50,000 words to 24,000 words and that made me lose a few cool points.
  • I have finally settled on a working title, designed a simple cover and also ventured into a bit of poetry in my mother-tongue.
  • I also have been working on a newspaper design and the process has been nothing but a great learning lesson. I never knew how important a font is and how crucial paper weight is to getting the right texture, quality and print when it comes to newspaper publication.
  • I am looking to try different genres in 2018 because I have played safe this year. I have also come to understand that my growth, especially in writing will not come by sticking to what I know, but by also trying new things and if all goes well, I’ll be working on a new book.

I am learning to:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Smile more
  • Break into dance without turning a deeper shade when caught
  • Take more tea and even more coffee
  • Reach out to friends, acquaintances for help in getting things done

I also discovered two albums that I have had on repeat since last Friday.

  • Waves by Rachel Platten: If you listen to Hands, you’d break down like I did because there’s so much love in it and it starts with a phone call.

Image result for waves rachel platten

So, that’s it for now and I am feeling upbeat I think I could go and sit down at Java and have a Pppermint Mocha as I let this sink in.

Have a lovely week!

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