2018 Writing Update

It’s the thirteenth day of this year and I am in awe of all that’s happened to me these past days. I am also taking a keen look at how our interactions on social media would be and watching out for the words and hashtags that would spring up.

I haven’t done any intensive writing so far and I know it is not a great trend for me given the fact that two of my manuscripts are being reviewed by my mentor.

I have been focusing on my leadership transformation at YALI and today I got a chance to make a trip into town to get some books to read and a few bookmarks too.

I got these from an Inama Bookshop and can’t wait to read them!
I only remained with 1 of the 7 bookmarks 😦
A friend bought me this collection 🙂

I have always been a planner and with my attention focused on one thing this month, I am slowly learning how to work around a schedule, often taking notes using an app, scribbling a few pointers while in sessions or simply tweeting thoughts that would come to inspire my writing at some point.

It feels good to share this update and I cannot wait to hear the feedback from my mentor because that would help me in knowing which steps to take and how to go about them before publishing another ebook.

How’s your writing coming along? What about your reading? Which books are you looking forward to reading this year?


6 thoughts on “2018 Writing Update

  1. More drama, crime, investigative, etc. John Grisham I think. Haha!
    Hey Hi, Happy new year… I love what you doing. Keep up the good work. Your writing skills are just top notch! You just keep getting better. Well done!

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  2. I’ve been having a terrible time working on my WiP. I am seriously contemplating ignoring my blog for a while just so I’ll get back into my project. I bought four Greg Isles books at the used bookstore to keep me busy during my late evenings.

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  3. Trying to read Non-fiction African literature. Thats easy said and done, there isnt alot of that, and the few available are hard to find.


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