On Writing

A friend asked me “How do you find time to read a book, let alone write a book with the kind of world we are living in?”

Some people would echo her sentiments, others would echo mine and a few would echo those of the written word. You are all right. So, I took my time and thought this through, and then asked her “how do you find time to scroll through your facebook feed and post selfie updates on instagram?” 

She sat back in her seat and put her phone on the table. See, we were on tea break and she was scrolling through her phone, answering whatsapp texts and I was reading a book. It was a thirty minute break spent differently by two different people.

pencil sharp shavings write draw art design yellow black table wood
credit: stocksnap.io

I then asked her how long it takes her to get to work and what she does while in traffic. She just shook her head and concluded the conversation by saying “you’re just special.” I did not utter a word in response even though I had a ten minute speech to prove that her tone suggested I was far from special.

However, there is still an aspect that I struggle with and that’s writing and not just sneaking in an hour or two or taking notes but full on writing. I am talking about sitting before a computer for four hours straight and just typing words that contribute to a story!

I’m working on it and now that I am feeling much better and the temperature in Kisumu is a solid 34 degrees Celsius, I’ll go drink some water and keep writing, guess that’s all I had to say on writing.

5 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Her attitude is…wow! I agree with you – it’s the same amount of time, just spent differently. I listen to audiobooks on my commute and “talk to my characters” while I’m working, fiddling with plots and dialogue. Great post 🙂

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