Updates on the Writing Life

Hello, I hope your week is coming along fine. What have you been up to?

If you would have asked me this question last week, I would have said, more writing, but I seem to veer off the path of intense writing when two things happen: when I think of tea or when I remember the tasks I’m yet to accomplish. I easily worry and obsess about what I am yet to do and it takes away from what I ought to do. I am working on this.

So, allow me to officially declare that the working title of my next novel has been registered, discussed and more so…approved by the overly critical side of me. The title is: SIFUNA


Here’s a snippet of the second draft:

If you rounded up all the cowards in the world, Baoya would be their leader. However, Baoya was his father’s son, and his father was Lamaana. To the people who knew the history of democracy in Kenya, Lamaana was a name that was etched in history books. There was a street in the capital city named after the valiant and humble leader. To say that Baoya was a coward is to insult the memory of Lamaana, but, sometimes if not all times, the truth has to be given room to announce its presence.

My week has also seen me read more books off NetGalley.

  • The Portrait of Molly Dean by Katherine Kovacic. It’s a mystery, historical thriller and it all starts when an Art Dealer, Alex Clayton, comes across a painting and she knows that the woman looking back at her was brutally murdered in the 1930’s and justice was never served.

The Portrait of Molly Dean

  • The Art of French Cooking Kissing by Brianna Shrum. Trust me, this book is what I’d term New Adult, but it’s both refreshing as it is overly dramatic. Yeah, and please don’t read this book on an empty stomach, that’d be like watching The Food Network when your fridge is empty. Loved the main characters Carter and Reid.

The Art of French Kissing by Brianna R. Shrum

  • The Romano Brothers Series books 2 & 3 by Leslie North: I’m a Leslie North fan. When it comes to billionaire characters and steamy romance stories, well, she’s got my attention. There’s no way I was going to see these two books on NetGalley and not request to read them. Let’s just say, the masses are happy 🙂

Italian Billionaire's Unexpected Lover by Leslie North  Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover by Leslie North

It’s a slow start as regards my writing progress, but I am confident that with more time set aside to work on the second draft, I will be able to have it ready and self-publish by April. (That…is what I call an achievement, I tell you.)

It’s a Wednesday and I’m glad all’s going as it is and I can only work towards the best. I happened to watch a snippet of WAGS Atlanta yesterday night (please just don’t ask questions, roll your eyes, pinch your nose, grab a drink or watch a book fall…but listen), one of the retired NFL players was telling his friend, “everybody is always talking about ‘when the time is right,’ but there is no time, it just doesn’t wait for you to get your act right, when you love somebody, you have to make the time and you have to make it right.” I sank back in my seat and was like whoa! He’s right.

I am making time and pursuing interests that I’ve had. One of those happens to be getting an insight into life at a juvenile center, the other is giving a talk at a local high school to students on the importance of choices, making them and appreciating the consequences.

Until then, I’d love your thoughts on the snippet of Sifuna I’ve shared up there and also some book recommendations, especially historical fiction.

Have a lovely week.

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