What are you waiting for?


There is a certain kind of waiting where the world does not understand your inaction.

What are you waiting for?

What are you doing with your life?

What are your plans?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

It’s almost as if the answer you give could slowly drain away your inactivity and suddenly put you on the stage of “doing something” or “being something.”

What’s your status?

I found myself talking to a fourteen year old girl. Her mom met me and she said, “would you please make her understand that she’s got to work hard if she wants to make it in life?” The girl looked away and then kept her eyes on the ground as though the earth knew her better than anyone did.

Who are you when the world turns their back?

I wanted to ask her what her mom was frustrated at but instead I found myself saying “take your time, you have one life and whatever you choose to do with it, you’ve got to own up to the consequences. It’s not about who makes it first, but that when you get to a place, you are certain that you put the effort in getting there.”

I turned to her Mom and smiled and said, “Do not worry Mama. She’ll get there and sometimes, we push so hard that we push them to their fall. Let her decide knowing that you have done your best to support her. You know a wheelbarrow can only go as far as you push it right? Well, she’s human, don’t push so much that you lose your breath and she topples over.”

“Thank you, but I will give her your number so you can keep encouraging her. It’s a tough world and you know she is your little sister, eh?”

“Okay Mama, I’ll do what I can.”

There is a certain kind of waiting, where the world does not understand your inaction. Where you are reduced to the number of likes and comments you get for posting a picture of you and your child eating out. Measuring the likes and comments as though they are the approval ratings forgetting that you had to take ten pictures before your child could smile but you never asked why. They sit beside you, walk where you say they should, all the while their minds are at war…fighting endless battles just to gain your approval.

A friend asked me, “What are you doing with your life?”

I thought of responding with the bio on my LinkedIn profile but I said “living it the best way I can,” and she laughed and said, “how can you do that? Life is so expensive!”

“Life is precious because it’s granted to us once. It’s not expensive because you cannot calculate how much your life costs, but the things we think we need around us to keep us happy, now those are expensive!”

She let out a sigh and said “You know, you can really preach, but I did not call to get a sermon. I was just checking up on you. Bye.”

There is a certain kind of waiting, where the world does not understand your inaction.

So, you wake up and do the same things over and over again.

4 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. I totally relate to that. Sometimes the society defines a good life or a happy, one is filled with monetary richness. But they don’t realize
    that you can live your life ,the way you choose to.

    Liked by 1 person

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