Four things you can do to support a Writer

April’s coming to an end and I can’t wait for May.

Why? Well, schools resume here in Kenya and that means…oh well, nothing much but it beats being mistaken for a 16 year old.

So, two questions: One, “do you read books?” and Two, “Do you know a Writer?”

If your answers are “YES” and “YES, ” then by all means read on. If your answers are “NO” and “NO” then read on…it might just be what you need to know. If your answer is either “YES” or “NO” alternatively…then you’re also awesome for reading thus far, stay a while.

I’m a Writer and whenever I say this most people say “wow! so you like write books?” I am often tempted to say, “No, I write blocks,” but nonetheless, it’s always a great feeling when someone recognizes my effort and passion.

Writing takes work. So, with the increased access to internet and need to live voraciously through social media networks- writing and access to books has been made easier. You could read an ebook, a PDF version or simply get an App that allows you to read chapters every day.

So, what can you do to actively support a Writer? It’s simple, enable their creation to thrive. How?

  1. Buy the book. Yes, buy the book. If it’s in print or digital format, take your time and money and actually buy the book.
  2. Share your honest views on the book. If you can share a sentence or two about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads or Amazon, then do so, this way many more people would know about the book. Yes, a friend asked me,  why I review books on NetGalley and I said that as a Writer, getting feedback on a book is great motivation and being able to read a book (often before it hits shelves) is epic but it also introduces me to new Writers, new writing styles, genres and publishers.
  3. You have a mouth, use it! The greatest marketing tool to date is the word of mouth! Talk about the book you are reading and you may gain insights on great conversations and make friends too.
  4. You are not a Distributor, so don’t give out copies that the author has not authorized you to do so. In 2016, I came across a PDF copy of my book “Fire” and it had been shared by a close friend in their whatsapp group and somehow being in close circles someone shared it in the group I was in and I remember being in a matatu and wiping away tears as I looked out the window. It hurts. If a Writer attaches a price to a book, and you had the effrontery to buy it, then accord other readers the same opportunity. Just because you felt the need to share it, does not mean that it’s not piracy.

That’s my take for now.

Have a lovely week ahead! Support a Writer 🙂

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