Dear Diary

This is the first Monday of June.

We are halfway through 2018 and for the love of me, I cannot begin to comprehend where the days have gone to. Did I tell you about what happened last week?

There’s this band (Bowling for Soup)that sang a song titled “High School Never Ends,” and I think they deserve a medal or a L.A.A (Lifetime Achievement Award).

I am not a big fan of either high school or primary school reunions! I’m easy with Uni-reunions because I spent most of my time in the library so whatever impression I made, I am certain a book or two could be referenced!

I’ll also not add to conversations on whatsapp and that makes people think of me as quite a snob, but, there’s something about streams of information from more that twenty five sources at the same time that bugs me.

So, where was I going this? Ah, Yes…I was telling you about what happened last week. I ran into Apilo…(you’ll laugh at this later) but she saw me as I was crossing the road, making my way from one Bata shop to another hunting for red-checkered Ngomas!

“Eish! Hebu look at you, it’s been a while…yaani since form four, how are you? Lakini si you look good, umekuwa mrefu, naona mashavu bado ni fat, and ghai…can we sit down kwanza…”

Dear Diary, this was the point where I wished I never agreed to a sit-down, because for fifteen minutes, I received updates on over twenty former classmates and then the question boiled down to why I was unmarried and without child. It’s better if I quote my beautiful former classmate “at your age, kwani, what are you waiting for?”

“Jesus!” Would have been an ideal answer…but you know me, I cannot be pushed into a corner without a treat, so I said “Eish, mind your own womb, at least you have made use of your uterus, and that’s good. Tell me, how have you been?”

She had mango juice as I had coffee. (Yes, it feels good to be in a city where the temperatures are about twenty-five degrees Celcius!) We promised to stay in touch. I sent her a text saying it was great meeting her and she called back saying she really loved seeing me and was envious of my body…and at this, we talked at length and one of the key things was simply reminding her that she was on the right course and running her race would be far much easier if she focused on her lane and not other people’s lanes.

Was I harsh?

I also told her that she reminded me of a simple truth in life: “Live your life,” and now, I have to get back to work.

Oh, and guess what…

I am reading Mood Mapping by Dr. Liz Miller and can’t get enough of King of My Heart by Bethel Music.

Until then, be safe…let whoever comes across you, BE.




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