Is it a crime to talk about a book you’re reading?

You tell me!

Well, I am reading A Collar for Cerberus by Matt Stanley and it’s the first book I’ve come across by the author and let me tell you…I am engrossed. I even forgot to pick my deposit slip at the bank today because I was reading about the guy’s adventures. I am grateful to the nice lady for bringing it to my attention.

A Collar for Cerberus by [Stanley, Matt]Paperback: 332 pages, Publisher: Thistle Publishing (July 26, 2018)

Here’s the blurb I lifted off Amazon because I was too lazy to give you a summary:

Never meet your heroes…
A naïve English graduate arrives in Greece seeking experience and perhaps an encounter with his literary hero: Nobel laureate and irascible old hell-raiser Irakles Bastounis. Agreeing to act as driver for Bastounis, the young man finds himself on a hectic, adventurous and always challenging tour of Greece’s wonders – an apprentice in how to live life to the fullest.
As the road trip progresses, the questions arise. Is Bastounis still an addict? Who is following him and why? Is he researching his final, much-anticipated novel? Who are the people he’s meeting along the way? And how far will one young man ultimately go in the name of experience?

I’ll admit that if it wasn’t for David Haviland and Thistle Publishing…I wouldn’t have heard of this book, or the author and now I am looking up his other nine books to get more of his prose.

I was intrigued by the title because of two things: one, I know based on Greek mythology, that Cerberus was Hade’s dog and had more than one head. His main job was to guard the realm of the dead to prevent anyone from leaving the underworld. Two, I already assumed that Bastounis, the great Author, had demons of his own that he was dealing with and I wanted to read about them.

There are snippets of gold in between the lines and any Writer or Reader would find themselves highlighting or saying an “amen” to some of them. So, I’ll share about three phrases okay?

“If you can’t write for yourself alone, you are finished.”

“The greater art is living.”

“Education is now just another product to be packaged and advertised and bought. We learn nothing worthwhile unless we learn it alone.”

I am nowhere near halfway done with the book and I may be getting ahead of myself, but I love the prose so far and deep down it’s because I’ve always wanted to meet my favorite Writers!

Reading a book where a character meets his favorite author and discovers more about him is as close as I can get to meeting my own…so until then…let’s see where Mr. Stanely’s words will lead me!

PS: What book are you reading?

4 thoughts on “Is it a crime to talk about a book you’re reading?

  1. So glad you are enjoying my book. Not all of the other nine have been published (yet) but you can find three of them under the name of James McCreet.


    1. Hi, well…this is a nice surprise! Well, for the record…thank you for writing “A Collar for Cerberus” and I’ll look for the three titles under James McCreet.


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